School / Library Visits, Speaking Engagements

For Children

Author Readings

Vivien Bowers is available to do readings for children focusing on any or all of her children's books. These are lively, interactive presentations with lots of props. Volunteers from the audience help solve crimes (Crime Science), become contestants in a wacky Wow Canada Contest, try tasting dulse from New Brunswick (Wow Canada!) and learn how hairy nose bots drive caribou to stampede (Only in Canada!). Contact Vivien at for an information sheet on these readings.

For Adults

Author Reading: In the Path of an Avalanche

Bowers alternates between reading passages from her acclaimed non-fiction chronicle of a deadly avalanche and providing an inside look at the challenges and dilemmas that made this such a difficult book to write. A short, digital slide show is available to accompany this presentation.

Speaking Engagements

Bowers gives talks to adult audiences about her writing. She has been a feature speaker at library and school district conferences, Children's Literature Roundtable gatherings and book industry events. One prepared presentation is titled "Stop When Their Eyes Glaze Over: Presenting Information to Children."